Together we can make a difference.

NPFE has created a simple, yet highly effective program to improve the financial wellness of our communities. For businesses, that may mean adding a simple yet powerful new employee benefit. For community outreach organizations, new tools to assist your clients. For schools? A new program to incorporate that can bring money skills back into the classroom. And for financial services? New ways to train your staff so your accountholders once again believe in your expertise and integrity.

An ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure.

Benjamin Franklin

In the workplace


Bring our 50-30-20 MoneyPlan™ into your organization as a series of video workshops. Each one dedicated to providing tools and skills to navigate today's personal financial highway. Traditional employee benefits include retirement plans and health plans... but how about basic money education? Helping employees reduce financial stress in their lives is an awesome way to improve productivity. Win-win.
One flat fee covers the series of workshops, the online tools, additional resources for a full year. Even discounted fees for NPFE services when employees need additional, more in-depth help.

In the Community


For those organizations that day in and day out provide support and services for the community, it's a tough thing to know that with a little knowledge your clients may have avoided getting into financially stressful situations. From government services to hospitals and clinics to membership organizations, we can help you better serve residents when it comes to their financial well-being. From professional learning programs to our community video workshops and referral programs NPFE is your partner in effective prevention of personal financial crisis in your community.

Professional Development


At the heart of NPFE is education. Our professional certification programs in Credit Counseling and Financial Wellness Education are set to begin soon. So that your organization can be ready to employ your own expert, on site, to effectively assist customers, patients, members and others. Imagine empowering employees with the knowledge to avert a crisis rather than have to deal with the aftermath.

Financial Institutions

Request a free informational webinar and learn more about how NPFE can empower your staff. The 50-30-20 MoneyPlan™ can transform the way you engage your accountholders, and the way they handle their financial lives.