One Goal: Financial Literacy

NPFE has but one goal. To increase the level of financial literacy; not only among consumers, young and old, but within the financial services sector, the corporate sector, human resources profession, social services et cetera. The more we all understand about basic personal finances, the better we can build our communities, grow our local and national economy, and secure a better future for all of us.

Our Team.

Experience matters. Our team is led by professionals with invaluable experience. Our President and Director of Education, Richard Serlin, has taught thousands of University students the principles of Personal Finance and is considered a leading expert by some pretty well known money blogs! Our management team brings decades of experience consulting with thousands of financial institutions on customer education. 10+ years providing tens of thousands of consumers with DOJ approved financial management courses. We don't believe it's any small matter to say we have an in-depth, quite remarkable collective base of knowledge to share and have used that as the foundation of our 50-30-20 MoneyPlan™ Program.