NPFE is dedicated to one goal.

Financial Literacy. Because Money doesn't come with Instructions.

We are all Empowered by Education

NPFE has just one goal. Financial Literacy. Raising the level of knowledge that consumers have when it comes to managing their money. By developing tools and programs to engage and educate, we're on a mission. To improve the financial health of ordinary Americans. Those who live and work in our communities and somehow seem to fly under the radar when it comes to their finances. We don't know they are in trouble, often until its too late. With our help, and your commitment, we can start to change that. From Employee Wellness Benefit programs and workshops to extended financial wellness coaching, NPFE can be your partner for change.

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50-30-20 MoneyPlan™

Here's the thing. Financial Literacy is at it's lowest rate in decades. So NPFE has developed a program designed to engage and empower today's consumer with basic knowledge and tools. It starts with a fundamental rule of budgeting... 50-30-20. Now it's a complex subject, but in simple terms, it's a strategy to improve the lives of anyone struggling from paycheck to paycheck. A strategy everyone in your community should be aware of. NPFE will bring that strategy, and a host of tools, tips and well, money hacks, to your organization with the 50-30-20 MoneyPlan™.

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Outreach programs for all.

If you are an employer, you know that financial stress in the workplace dramatically impacts productivity. If you are in financial services, you see the devastating impact of common mistakes consumers make everyday. If you are in public service, you see the enormous costs of providing safety nets. All that can change. By focusing on one goal. Financial literacy. Implementing a 50-30-20 MoneyPlan™ Benefits program in your organization is the first step. We'll take it from there.

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Financial Literacy begins here...

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