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Because Money doesn't grow on trees.

Welcome to financial truth. More Americans know less about managing their personal finances now than 30 years ago. Way less. But NPFE is here to help change that.

The truth is, if you're in business you realize that financial stress is a huge productivity killer for your employees. So we can help you fix that.

The truth is, more and more professional organizations and non-profits are realizing that with a little extra training for themselves, they can be of tremendous assistance to their clients.

And the truth is, most Financial Institutions train their staff in technology and product, not basic financial literacy. Just imagine the power of that kind of knowledge in the hands of your front line staff.

Financial literacy and financial capability require more than simply providing consumers with more information. Being able to manage one’s financial life and make the right financial decisions that serve those life goals requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and action.

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Get ready to experience a new direction in financial education. Get started with webinar, or dive right into setting a new financial course.