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Financial literacy and financial capability require more than simply providing consumers with more information. Being able to manage one’s financial life and make the right financial decisions that serve those life goals requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and action.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Executive Summary 2016 Annual Report

Applied Personal Finance Educator Certification

A six-week comprehensive course to provide in-depth training in consumer finance and personal money management. APFE professionals can provide your account holders the guidance and tools needed to improve their money management skills.  Put your financial institution in the forefront of financial literacy outreach by having APFE practitioners at each branch location.

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50-30-20 MoneyPlan Frontline Staff Training

Your frontline staff is your first, and best opportunity to ensure your account holders make good decisions about their finances. From account openings and utilizing new technology, to being credit wise, the more your staff knows, the more empowered they are to provide the best service. Our easy to manage online training course means your employees are ready to communicate effectively and appropriately about your products and services.

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50-30-20 MoneyPlan Consumer Education

How do you educate consumers in need? This is a difficult question to answer. Going back to the beginning, back to the fundamentals of personal money management is critical. Our 503020 MoneyPlan Consumer Education Course is designed to meet the consumer education requirements both within your financial institution and in your community. So when it comes to consumer personal finance, you once again can become their primary resource for education, information and long-term guidance.

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Personal Finance Education Video Library

When it comes to financial literacy, video education works. Our library of engaging videos available with your brand, educates and empowers your clients to make smart financial decisions.  Whether on your website or in your lobby, these educational tools demonstrate your commitment to your account holders' financial well-being.

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